shield-episcopal-church Adult Christian Ed – Beyond Sixth Grade

Graduated from theology
In the sixth grade
No need for Sunday School again
Too much struggle for mom and dad
To plead that young soul into a classroom
One more Sabbath.

Others finished with biblical studies
Just after clergy words and hands
Confirmed the journey.

For few remaining
Or handful brought later by a party
Simple answers served.
Just when spicy foods and rich meals
Could be appreciated,
Peanut butter and jelly fare, crust off,
Served cut in half
As to a preschooler.

As school encouraged wrestling with Plato and heavy weights
Church promoted “simply believe.”
No one would conceive of youth departing
Chemistry, government, orchestra and basketball
Because knowledge and skills sufficient.
No memo to sit this one out
Concerning race relations and global affairs.
No teacher would convey the theory
That the universe would crack,
All knowledge shatter
If questioned, tugged, and manipulated
This way and that.

Monday-through-Friday learner she became
So did he.
Absorbing the mysteries of the galaxies,
Reveling in literature,
Practicing cello and backstroke,
Pondering ancient philosophies of the wise ones.

Delighted by discoveries within and beyond self,
Thrilled in the land of accomplishments
And meaningful living.

All the while religious education –
Perfect attendance awards
With Bible school art

Tucked in a scrapbook on a top shelf.
Journey with the Creator deemed complete
In an “all I need to know I learned by sixth grade” approach.

Is it any wonder that it is both stunning and refreshing
To consider divine study –
The kind where head and heart muscle grow
As we grapple with God?
Areas atrophied and places newly discovered
Surprised that Holy Mystery can withstand
Questions, fears, disillusionment, prods, and amazement –
As can our faith.


Do you have more to learn?  Is your faith still evolving?  Still growing?  Still forming?  Adult Education at All Saints is designed for those who want to share the journey of faith as they seek God in their lives.  We are not afraid to ask questions, to challenge assumptions, and to live with the tension of unresolved differences.   Interested?  New classes are forming regularly.  See Reverend Kate Elledge.

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